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Sparkes Lookout - Sunday 15 February

Walks. The body advances while the mind flutters around like a bird - Jules Renard

While meandering gently upwards this stunning walk takes us through a varied mix of vegetation of messmate, banksia, she-oaks & ferns along the Western edge of the Prom. And the best is that it offers wonderful glimpses of the coastline along the way. After approx 2 km we will turn off & take a short climb up a rocky ridge to the Lookout. What views!! To the south you will note the the many islands, notably cone-shaped Rodondo, then out to the west Cape Liptrap and to the north, Shallow Inlet. After using up lots of energy getting to your destination your return journey will be down hill and at its end you will enjoy a sumptuous morning tea.


Meet at Darby Saddle at 9.30 am

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