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Jose's J'adore Slice

J'adore Slice - this is a favourite for morning tea on the Open Space walk. I note that the recipe has directions for those who have a Thermomix.However I'm sure any sort of cook could work out how to convert the directions to a conventional method of mixing & melting! Good luck - the effort will be worth it


1 cup pl flour

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup brown sugar

125 gms soft butter


1/3 cup golden syrup

125gms butter

2 x 400 gms condensed milk (full cream, or won't set)


1 cup cashews (oven roasted for 10 min at 180c)

1 cup almonds (oven roasted 10 mins at 180c)

1 cup Pure, soft or snow icing sugar


1. Method for base

Set oven to 180c & line 20 x 30cm slice tin

Add all ingredients into the TM bowl & mix on speed 8 for 15secs

Transfer this mixture to prepared tin & bake 15 mins.

2. Method for filling

In meantime add all ingredients to the TM bowl & cook for 90c for 10mins. MC off.

Remove the tin from the oven & pour caramel evenly over base.

Sprinkle with the nuts, use an angled spatula to gently nestle them in place

Bake for a further 10-15 mins til edges are golden

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