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The Plan

The Open Space Project

Tucked away from the bustling shop, café, and visitor information area, the Open Space hosts the cenotaph, commemorating the Commando's historic connection with the Park. It encompasses the existing rotunda while expanding the Park’s educational amenities.

Designed for both short and long-term visitors, this space serves as a hub for gathering, socialising, learning, and recreation. It fosters community interaction across diverse age groups, offering a tranquil setting for reflection amidst the surrounding natural beauty, allowing visitors to fully appreciate this exceptional location.


Progressing with Parks Victoria 

In collaboration with Parks Victoria and the broader community, The Tidal River Open Space team has crafted an all-inclusive design that celebrates the natural essence of the Prom. This plan promises to captivate passersby and those seeking moments of relaxation and recreation alike.

Parks Victoria has advanced the initial design phase, having completed preliminary cost assessments and progressed to detailed design planning. Cultural heritage evaluations were conducted in April 2024, with construction slated to coincide with the Revitalisation project, beginning in 2025.

The Open Space is poised to make a substantial contribution to the Tidal River Revitalisation initiative. Set apart from the functional aspects of visitor management, its purpose, nature, and location serve as a bridge between the untamed wilderness and an enriched visitor experience.

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Get on Board 

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A place to gather, rest and play 

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